Experience You've Been Shot!

Become a You've Been Shot! Photographer

You've Been Shot! is a new service for photographers who want and need an easy and free way to sell their photos online.

With You've Been Shot! you are your own boss. You shoot photos whenever and whereever you want. At the end of the day you upload your photos to the You've Been Shot! website and your work is done. When sales are made you get paid. No hidden costs, no dealing with customers, no risk!

When you sign up to use the You've Been Shot! service (remember it's free!) you will receive 100 You've Been Shot! business cards to hand out while you're out snapping photos (example below and to the right). These cards contain information that will direct your customers to the You've Been Shot! website and will help them quickly and easily find their photos.

When a sale is made you can sit back and let You've Been Shot! handle ALL of the work. You will receive email notifications of your sales and at the end of the billing cycle (every 30 days) you receive your payments. It's that easy!

The whole process from start to end...

  1. You take photos and hand out You've Been Shot! cards
  2. You upload your photos to You've Been Shot!
  3. You've Been Shot! automatically copy-protects your photos and adds them to the catalogue of available photos.
  4. A sale is made!
  5. You've Been Shot! handles all processing and billings. Your interaction with the customer = none!
  6. At the end of the billing cycle you get paid for all of your hard work.

Some points to keep in mind..

  • You've Been Shot! never "owns" your photos.
  • At any time you can remove your photos from the You've Been Shot! catalogue.
  • You are never an employee of You've Been Shot!, we are just a service.
  • You've Been Shot! keeps a small percentage of each sale as a charge for it's service. Photographer's keep 80% of all their sale profits!

Send us a message on the Contact Page and we'll gladly hook you up.