About You've Been Shot!

The idea first appeared over dinner in 2009. Founder Brad Bisinger always had the desire to run his own business and he recognized that photographers had no free resources available to promote their own photos. Being a photo enthusiast himself with a knack for capturing great candid photos and having a strong internet-technology background were the perfect ingredients which led to the development of You've Been Shot!

Brad recognized that online photo sales from sporting events were over priced and rarely had a purely digital offering. By keeping costs low the savings could be passed on to the customers. Brad also realized there were no free sites that let amateur photographers sell their photos without risk, hidden costs or large percentage cuts. Following popular smart-phone application store business models, he created a model that allows photographers to keep 80% of sales profits for their photos. If their photos didn't sell it would cost them nothing.

Brad's vision meant You've Been Shot! would be available to anyone who wished to use the service giving both amateur and professional photographers a place to upload and sell their photos and an inexpensive alternative for consumers to purchase them.

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